Saturday, 18 February 2017

Get Ready for Art Transformations!

My Dear Friends!
I can't believe this is actually happening and that I'm sharing this news with you... :)
For a long time I was almost sure it was impossible, something really beyond my reach... but now, with the help and encouragement I got from my friends, Kasia and Jamie from Everything Art, I can really see another one of my dreams becoming a reality!

My classes are going online!

Before I give you more details about my Art Transformations series, I'd like to invite you to watch this promo video so beautifully shot by Kasia & Jamie. Enjoy!

Art Transformations by Finnabair and Everything Art from Everything Art on Vimeo.

I can't tell you how many times I was emailed, messaged and asked in person about creating an online classroom which could be open for everybody: my students who are ready for more or the ones who would like to have the techniques refreshed, mixed-media oriented artists and crafters who always wanted to join my classes, but for whom it was not possible... and last but not least -
- for mixed- media beginners who are attracted to rich, dimensional projects which happen to be my signature style, who would like to see it all, step by step, and discover products, techniques and most of all, the joy of creating.
And all that from the comfort of your own home! :)
You will be able to take some of my retired classes (tweaked and refreshed!) that were both loved by my students and that are close to my own heart too. 
And there will be even more! The never before seen exclusive classes, interviews, chats, PDFs, a friendly community to share your art, extra features, and most of all - the possibility to get and keep in touch.
I'm so excited, proud and happy to see this project finally going live....
I hope it will open the door to creativity for many of you and I can't imagine a better chance to expand my classroom and invite you all in...

For more detailed information, go right ahead to :

Everything Art Art Transformations
my first online mixed media collage class - 'Imagine'

A big dream come true...
Will I see you there? :)


Friday, 17 February 2017

Dare To Spread Your Wings

Happy Friday Everyone!
Before we give this space to lovely Sanda - it's time to reveal the winner of the first edition of our Designers' Faves challenge!
First of all, make sure you check out our facebook group gallery of some truly amazing entries sent to Marta's 'Go For The Gold' theme. It was really great to see your creativity soar. :)

My Creative Team cast their votes and the winner is...
Nadya Drozdova!

Nadya, please send us your address so you can claim your prize. Please, email:

Thank you all so much for such a warm and creative welcome of our new series of challenges
Huge thanks to all the participants for sharing your Art and we hope we'll see you soon for the second Designers' challenge February 28th! :)

And now back to our Sanda who took a magnifying glass, baby wipes, Rust Paste, paints and her incredible talent to create this breathtaking assemblage...

*  *  *
Hello dear friends,
Today I’m happy to share with you a small mixed media collage/assemblage which I hold very close to my heart.

This piece is about finding the courage within our hearts to create and freely express ourselves…’s about learning and seeking inspiration continuously and everywhere...
...about believing in the power of telling our stories…
...about experiment and discovery... fear and joy... love and passion...about playing and having fun and, most importantly, about giving our creative spirit the permission to grow...
The inspiration for this canvas was a small vintage magnifying glass which I found in an antique shop a couple of months ago.
And here is the story of how that small found object metamorphosed into a beautiful dragonfly…
Below you will also find a video tutorial so you will see my step by step process. 

I started my piece on a 8 x 6 inches wooden panel by collaging one of my leftover baby wipes (I never throw them away) with 3D Matte Gel, covering the entire surface.
This is such a quick and easy way to start your project, especially for the ones of you who are intimidated by the “blank page”. Stick your painted baby wipes or paper towels there and BOOM!, your canvas is no longer white and you can start building up from there. Easy-peasy! :)
It’s also a great way of not feeling guilty of wasting your lovely paints or sprays.

Now, going back to my canvas, my next step was creating some texture by collaging pieces of Finnabair's Resist Canvas, different bits of lace and more baby wipes
To bring everything together I applied a light layer of Heavy White Gesso.
When this layer was dry, I sprinkled Mica Powder here and there and spritzed it with water. It’s so lovely how the colour moves catching the texture and gives an organic feel to the canvas.
I repeated this step, this time using diluted Rust Paste and then dried everything with the heat gun.
For more visual texture I randomly stamped the background using two Finnabair clear stamps and Art Alchemy acrylic paints and Prima oil pastels.
After drying, I mixed Modeling Paste with Texture Powder (for a gritty feel) and spread the mixture through Finn’s Harlequin stencil.
Next, I glued down fragments of an air-dry clay border using 3D Matte Gel. When everything was dry, I diluted a bit of Art Alchemy paint adding some shadowing to my clay and Modeling Paste pieces and wiped the excess with a baby wipe.
I continued painting, this time using diluted Rust Paste until I was pleased with the result and then dried everything and sponged White Gesso on top.
To paint the clay pieces I used the wonderful new Finnabair Waxes. These are just pure magic in a pot, so creamy and soft with a range of gorgeous colours!
I applied the wax with an old brush, pushing the wax into the crevices and then rubbed just the top of the clay border with a baby wipe to reveal some of the original colour.

For my focal point, I created a dragonfly using a lovely photo from Finn’s Ephemera, a rusty Mechanical Barn Star, my magnifying glass and Prima wire.
I attached all the elements using 3D Matte Gel and covered the magnifying glass with a layer of Heavy Black Gesso.
When this was dry, I painted the body of my dragonfly alternating the Rust and Patina pastes, building texture and adding colour at the same time. I also added more rust to the background.

To finish my canvas I added a few highlights with the new Art Alchemy Sparks which, I must tell you, are just spectacular, my friends!
I also stamped the words on some tissue paper that I glued down with Soft Matte Gel.
Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see all the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by my new project.
Feeling tempted to spread your own wings? ;)

Wishing you all a lovely day and a creative weekend! 

Products used:

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Grandmother's Stories - Art Journal

Hello my Friends!
I hope you're having a creative February filled with art adventures and discoveries. :)

Today I'd like to share a new entry from my vintage book turned into an art journal.
This spread is very special and very personal for me but aren't they all? ;)
Art Journals are great in so many ways... There are no guidelines how to make them - when, where, how often - and what should be really the content. It is 100% up to you what is going to happen on the pages of the book.
Personally, I have to admit that I make pages both inspired by prompts, topics and guidelines as well as the ones which just simply "happen" - once I open the book I'm working in, the magic simply starts to work!

This spread was inspired by the word "Stories" - and it took me quite a while to put it all together.
First of all, I decided I wanted the mood of this work to be poetic, nostalgic yet colorful at the same time...
Then it took me even a longer while to find just the right image in my collection. Then I could finally start building the background using scraps of paper, tags and die-cut leftovers - basically looking around and reaching for what was lying on my (messy) studio table.
I wanted to convey a special romantic, nostalgic feel and I decided to go for a delicate, warm, reddish tones (quite unexpectedly, red has been calling me lately...).
Obviously, I couldn't do without creating texture and this time I went for Modeling Paste and this gorgeous TCW stencil by Kasia Avery - I've had it for a long time and I really don't know why I haven't used it before - I love it to bits!
Then it was time for my favorite Adverts stamps (see the links below) that somehow make me think of my grandma's travel tales.

And how do you like the tiny white pen dots? Don't they remind you of fireflies? :) It was a spontaneous last minute touch and I really love them - I think they added a special touch of magic to this whole piece.
As I was creating, I was reflecting on my Grandma's Stories from her youth - they will always stay with me: of her hiding in forests during wartime, her visiting her cousins in the big city where she met the love of her life and many many more engraved in my memory for ever...
The lovely lady in the photo is my grandmother's sister who often appeared in those stories.
I hope I managed to translate my emotions onto paper...
I really enjoyed the creative process in this journal spread - the fact that I didn't have to rush and I could take my time to think, reminisce, feel and express myself. Love the emotional, personal feel here.
You might expect more pages like these in the future. :)

Here are the products I used for this piece:

I hope you liked my sentimental journaling. :)
I'd love to see your memories turned to Art! Drop by my Open Studio facebook group and leave a trace.

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