Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Verdigris - Texture Addiction with a Pinch of Patina

Hi again my dear ones.
I've just got back home after another amazing travel to USA - I was lucky to be part of 4 wonderful events  - very single one different and exciting! I'm sure many of you know already - all my photos I take during my travels are later uploaded here, to my Instagram account - so if you'd like what I was doing, when and where - I highly recommend!

Today my time and energy are a bit limited - travels and jet lag are taking their tolls - but I've got something for you,which was waiting on my plate for quite a while: project I've made for my "Verdigris" collage class, one of newly released class proposals which I hope will be successful and inspiring!

I'm addicted to texture - so this is not a surprise I just had to use TONS of fabric and  lace to create one of-a-kind, deep and layered background. my new Art Extravagance Sculpture Medium was so helpful here! I had the best time creating this composition and working on details: lace, cotton, Mechanicals, wire, flowers... and finally the altered spoon! Perfect combination, isn't it?

I was truly inspired wy the beautiful palette of the copper patina - and I was focusing on creating a colour and texture combination to create the effect which will be great imitation of it. After some experiments I think I succeeded and now I'm ready to share these ideas with you in this really cool mixed-media collage class... who is in? :)

If you would like to check where my creative travels are taking me this year - and perhaps book this or other classes - check this section of my website.  It's the best place to check for all the class updates!
The grand première of "Verdigris" is planned for beginning of June - I'll be teaching this and other inspiring classes at Art from the Heart store in Harrogate, UK and later the same month at Create with Kate, Co. Mayo in Ireland!
Check them out as there aren't many seats left!

I hope I left you a bit inspired today...
I'll be back soon!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Special Fairy Guests

Dear Friends,
I'm sure many of you remember the time when Riikka Kovasin was part of my Creative Team.
Her breathtaking artworks and endless creativity never stopped to amaze us...
Today I have the pleasure to present Riikka's talent once more as she kindly agreed to Guest Post on my blog this month.
And - as always with Riikka - you will simply fall in love with her new project... Enjoy!

I’m not sure if it shows, but I simply adore the Sculpture Medium! It really opened a new door for me and added something fresh to my choice of mediums. The medium just invites to play and try out your limits – so I did something I’ve not done before!

When thinking about a project to do, I had a vision of an elf-like creature holding an alarm clock. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any old alarm clocks in my stash nor did the drift stores have a proper one so I altered my original idea a little. This fairy got a spoon next to her so she can spread joy with it.

She was the first one I made and the second creation following the same idea was her opposite in many ways. She was black and sad and dark. Then some time went by and I really wanted to do another doll-like creation. The first two canvases were about 9” tall so I went with a larger scale this time. This piece stands 20” tall.

You can use the medium to any material that absorbs it – like for fabric as I have used in these canvases but also to paper flowers for example. The clear medium turns them almost like porcelain, hardening the otherwise soft and delicate material but still remaining light and beautiful.

When my daughter saw me working on the third piece, she immediately reserved it for herself. That made me so honored! I titled the piece “Angel of Music” as I included some music elements in there and even more because the whole time I was constructing the piece, a song of that title was playing in my head!

The key to success is to really soak the material that you want to harden but little by little. If you flood the project in one go, you might end up with medium spilling over and going to waste, but little by little add it to the fabric or other material and you’ll have a success.

I urge you to have a go with the Sculpture Medium as it’s so much fun and so easy to use! Just let your imagination soar!
And if you'd like to know more about my creations, {HERE} you will find a detailed step-by-step tutorial.
Happy creating!

Materials used:

Friday, 22 April 2016

A Fork In The Road

Hello dear ones!
The weekend is just about to start and here we come to provide you with some beautiful art inspiration - we hope that with Athanasia's expressive creation - you'll simply grab your papers and paints and spend these days creatively! :)

Life is full of forks in the road filled with the need to make new decisions. That’s what makes life so interesting and that's what today's page is about.

The whole project is based in the center of a chipboard piece, which is the focal point where all the possible choices begin. Τhe end of each wire leads to a different option and all together are twisted together back in the center where all began.

I wanted to keep it muted, not too colorful, so I chose the Metallique Acrylic Paint - Black Berry (I so love this color!) with a little bit of Vintage Rose and Light Patina.

I also used a tiny amount of Rust Mica Powder, as well some of the Frozen Lake Mica Powder here and there. I love how they blend together all the different textures.

For the background I used the Alpha Stencil as well some beautiful background stamps.

To add more texture I used two different Art Ingredients: Bronze Micro Beads and Black Mica Flakes. And for the tittle I used a sticker from the 7Dots Studio Nature Walk collection.

I like using wire in my projects and this time I had so much fun twisting different pieces, securing them with a stapler, I even created a tiny fork with it.
I used the 3D Gloss Gel to glue it down and a Mini Hardware screw to decorate it - it looks so cute!

So here is my video with the whole process, I hope you will enjoy it :)

Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty weekend!

Materials used: